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smoking marihuana

That drawing shows a human in critical conditions after smoking a joint. Let me describe it in few sentence: The man thinks the bad atoms attacts him.Desparately trying to find positive atoms he realizes his mind goes in the other space ..8D.. He loses control and he is afraid of himself.He imagines something heavy falling … Sigue leyendo

The father Justice

Hi!!!:D This is my first post!:))
That`s the drawing I created yesterday and today I´ve already finish: I took the photo and to add more emotions I used a Photoshop just to retouch a little bit and  make it more expressive and vivid..
The title is: “The father Justice”.
It shows a father God as half-monkey half-fish. He comes from the deep sea to the Earth to judge bad people.

The flag represents the land he comes from : named paradise;D

hope you get inspired;))


The father "Justice"

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